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Alternative Therapy - Canadian residents - Nature of Things broadcast

If anyone is able to pick up CBC programs Nature of Things tomorrow night is, among other things, discussing Bioflex light therapy. I've been getting this to help with inflammation, although I think the show tomorrow night may be focussing more on neurology. "The Brain's Way of Healing"

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Heron - this looks most interesting and wish I could pick this up here in NZ.

Do you know about Bioptron Light Therapy?

I have owned a Bioptron Compact 111 for many years & use it on my sinus's when a sign of cold appears or hay fever - noticeable difference instantly. Google for more info on the uses - I picked mine up 2nd hand at a reasonable price & have just realized that wonder if I explore further on its benefits if it might assist with PMR ~ down to 14.5mg hydrocortisone - equivalent to 2.5mg Pred now & doing OK. How are u doing with your reduction?



Actually heard an interview with Dr. Norman Doidge (author) on the radio this morning, and it was fascinating. Usually this particular interviewer gives her guests a hard time, but this time she was obviously completely entranced by the documented success stories. You can read his book, The Brain's Way of Healing", which has led to the tv program.

I'm attempting second time to reduce to 2.5 after starting at 15 June 2015. I have increased my physio visits for this month, and hope, indeed expect, to do well!

There is a home unit of the Bioflex system, but it's expensive, and I don't think I could use it for PMR. It could be very useful for someone needing to treat a body part they can reach, but all my treatments are to my spine.... As my physiotherapist said, it would be great for someone recovering from a joint or muscle injury, say to a knee or ankle, etc.


OK, I understand, reaching around to your spine would be far too awkward.

Dr N Doidge book is available through my library so have requested this - he sounds an interesting man.

I too am having physio + acupuncture weekly (torn tendons) & helping greatly - all the best with your physio + reducing.... slowly slowly catchy monkey as the old saying goes :)


I don't know if those outside Canada will be able to view the CBC video. Eventually it will show up on Youtube but probably not this season.


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