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Warm relief for shoulders and neck

Thought I'd post something that has been a lifesaver for me. Gardeners supply catalog or online (US) sells a lavender wrap that covers shoulders neck and back and goes into the microwave. It is lavender rice and flaxseed. I use mine four or five times a day and is such a comfort, in fact I have it on as I am posting this. Hope this brings someone some relief today.🐰

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I've got a little heated pad (like a small electric blanket - works off mains) which I use for my back and knee very often. Not GCA but arthritis. But bliss!


And on a similar note - some people find it easier to get going in the morning if they use an electric heating pad/blanket before they get out of bed.


I have 2 of these bags, find them a great comfort. I also use a triangullar v shaped pillow that I can mould around my neck & shoulders. Used all these pre- steroids when pain was very bad, but still find the heat helps me too relax if I am resting or at bedtime. Writing this has reminded me how horrible the pain was before medication. 🙁 So nice not having horrible pains.


Oh you too! Love my lavender wrap, its so soothing :) a good friend got mine from TK Maxx for me.

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