Appetite with preds

Can anyone give their experience at about what level of preds their appetite seemed to get more under control? I am working to keep weight gain under control as realize I am in it for the long haul but sometimes no matter what I eat I don't feel satisfied. Thanks to all who share their experience with me. Reading this site is the first thing I do each morning and it helps so much. Happy Sunday.

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  • The answer to your question will probably vary for everyone. I started off at 40mgs of Pred and was ravenous. What helped me was to have 4 smaller meals a day than the usual three, reserving some of my main evening meal (plenty of veggies) and having it as the extra meal late morning the following day. Avoiding as much refined carb food as you can will help to keep the weight down.

  • I found that a glass of water shortly before a meal and another afterwards did help me to feel full and doing something distracting after a meal also helped (washing-up doesn't count - tell the family that you are under orders not to do it!). I was lucky in that the increased appetite disappeared fairly early on, but I gained weight whatever I ate or did, and I found it really upsetting. I cut out as many carbs as I could - it made me feel that I was somewhat in control.

    It did come off reasonably quickly once I was under 10mg but of course these things are so individual - some patients don't put on any weight and a lucky few lose weight - I was always envious of those!

  • I keep hoping that 10 is the magic number to see some side effects disappear.if I am wrong don't tell me as I'd rather live in denial.😊 Thanks

  • Pred didn't make me ravenous - I'd craved carbs every afternoon for a long time with the PMR, didn't know WHAT, just I wanted something and I put on a lot of weight in that 5 years because I couldn't exercise. I started on pred - and the craving stopped. One of my daughters is the same, stops her eating too. The other? She can eat carbs for Britain!

    I eventually lost weight and curbed the cravings by cutting carbs drastically. The first daughter is an English size 8 on a fat day. The other has lost 10lbs with the Slimming World diet - while still on pred as far as I know.

    If I don't buy it in the first place I don't eat it - if you see what I mean. I'm sitting here thinking I could eat something but there isn't anything besides salad in the fridge and that doesn't appeal! I may wander up to the bar and get an ice (we're camping in Italy) - but I'll have to beg money off OH.

    Sambucca swears by a box of cucumber slices in the fridge - often it has enough texture to satisfy your mouth wanting something to crunch with no calories.

  • PMR pro I am like your daughter but could eat carbs for the US! I do agree you can't eat what you don't buy! I am slowing losing weight by portion control but if I have a bad few days I seem to get back to where I was. At least I am not continually gaining. I have switched to long term thinking and how my health may be impacted. Doing what I can to minimize side effects of all this medication. Thanks.

  • I am not aware that I am ravenous on preds.

    OH & I have been Intermittent Fasting for 4.5 months (just before I started steroids). We don't eat between the 21h00 and 13h00 the next day. We then have our lunch or dinner depending on how the mood takes the cook (me). We do this 6/7 days mostly and I have only put on 2 kilos since starting the preds.

    I am not someone who follows diets, and do not get taken in by the low fat industry, so there is plenty of fat in my diet from all sources. It's the fat that leaves one feeling satiated and is so important for your brain and health. 2 weeks ago I had a bit of a scare and made a decision to reduce carbs and sugar. I feel much better, have lost no weight and am still eating fat (cheese, butter, non lean meat, full fat milk (we've been using that for years). If I am really hungry than I can snack on almonds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, a hard boiled egg or a piece of Brie (good for calcium). A salad or raw carrot (whilst yummy) would not cure a hunger craving for me.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Idasmum. I am making an effort to watch sugar but I don't believe I could do without bread and fruit. I am aiming for a lifestyle change. I do pretty well until I am feeling bad and can't think and I get a bit off the rails. Lots to be doing with this disease all the time isn't there?

  • You'd be surprised what you can do without when you see the effects! It also helps to think about what you CAN eat rather than what you can't. Much like PMR as a whole I suppose - what I CAN do is far more encouraging than looking at the no-go areas!

  • Ditto. I'd lost a lot of weight before treatment, put back only about 4 lbs of it, and it's gone again, probably because I walk so much. Don't remember being particularly hungry on pred, and had expected to be. Because of blood sugar I severely restricted carbs; for example I now eat some pumpkin seeds and a couple of eggs for breakfast, whereas before I'd have had a big bowl of cereal.

  • My experience was for first 3 months on steroid I was fine. If anything lost my appetite slightly. Just as I was patting myself on the back for a side effect skipped the increased appetite hit with a wallop. For about the next 6 months I was ravenously hungry all the time . I put on 2 stone fairly quickly and a further 2 stone more gradually. I thought the weight gain was never going to stop. I'm now down to 10 mg steroid after 15 months and am starting to find I am losing interest in food. Not hungry, so am hoping this continues and the weight will start to come down.

  • I was at 15 for a time and hunger seemed to improve. Now reducing to 18 and hope that will help. Thanks for replying.

  • Yes, as PMRpro says

    Keep a cucumber, wrapped in foil, in the fridge.

    When feeling hungry or just not satisfied, cut 1" and eat. You will be surprised how it stops that 'wanty' feeling and it contains some essential minerals.

    You could cross the Sahara and survive with cucumbers - so I have been told, but never tried it.

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