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Could anyone give me advice please? Have had to postpone taking

Ad cal tabs for a while as they seem to be causing me dreadful constipation, a

complaint I have never had before. Now I have temporarily stopped I am

back to normal. Have appt with GP on the 19th will discuss with him.

However the people on this site have first hand knowledge and I trust

The information I get from this read. I know I HAVE to go back to taking them

But need to know also if there are and NATURAL remedies I can take to help

with the constipation while on the tabs. Many thanks. jay...boy

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Hi jayboy,

There's always something to worry about isn't there?

I find including a good amount of fruit in my diet helps - black grapes or whole dates (not the compressed packet ones) seem best for me - my daughter swears by kiwi fruit!

You also need to keep up your intake of fluids, water is best.


Luckily I have never had that problem with Adcal, but to counteract the effects of iron tablets, I eat about four dried apricots - the kind that don't need soaking - every day and that really works for me. You could stew them and have them with cereal and yoghurt which is my alternative.

Hope you find a solution.


Try Calcium Citrate instead of Calcium Carbonate and plenty of fruit and vegetables and water.


jayboy, if it is the calcium element of the ad-cal that is believed to be causing the constipation, then providing you haven't got any signs of thinning bones I wonder if you could just try taking a Vit D3 (Colecalciferol) supplement instead? This in itself would give your Vit D levels a boost (most of us are found to be deficient), and, at the same time, would allow more natural calcium from your diet to be absorbed into your body, perhaps negating the need for the ad-cal. Although a calcium supplement is generally recommended alongside steroids, I slipped through the loop and wasn't prescribed it throughout my years on steroids, but my bones remained healthy in spite of a 40mg steroid starting dose. However, I did include plenty of calcium-rich foods in my diet, including yoghurt, milk, cheese, and plenty of oily fish.

Meanwhile do drink plenty of water (warm is especially helpful), and eat lots of magnesium-rich foods - magnesium relieves constipation.

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You've had really good suggestions - and one is that there are other sorts of calcium supplement that may not cause the problem.

Above all though - have you had a dexascan done?


Many thanks for all your helpful replies. Have had Dexascan, Rhumey says

I have Osteoporosis in my left femur. However when I had the scan done

I was told I have Osteopenia (precursor to Osteoperosis) I asked specifically

if there was any degeneration towards OPS and was told No!!!! Unfortunately my Mum had RA, Osteoperosis and Serious Thyroid problems....and with the hereditary factor thrown in...... I think the Rhumey is spot on.

I follow a good diet and try to keep the carbs low. I eat cheese, milk, lean meat, chicken, oily fish two to three times a week and all types of colourful veg. Farge...Natural Greek yogurt with lots of fruit (everyday), I drink mostly warm water and Camomile tea.. However I have read that to much fruit is not good when on 'pred' because of the sugar content and 'pred' induced Type 2 Diabetes !!!.....Also.I hoped with being quite strict with my diet my weight would stay stable....not a chance!

Will try calcium citrate and take a Vit D3 tab separately and the dates. so multifaceted's like a hamster on a get nowhere fast......not a good analogy...nevertheless, it's how I feel!!



Good info on this site to help choose a calcium supplement that will work for you. Also do a little research to discover the other elements and vitamins which are important for maintaining and improving bone health, like magnesium, vitamin K2, etc. In fact it almost seems like calcium is one of the least necessary supplements as we tend to get plenty in our diet. It's getting all the other things so we actually absorb and utilize that calcium!



I add 3 prunes to my breakfast every day works to keep me regular.


Hi jaybot05...I take calcium chews Viactive 500 mg 2x daily also Via d3. Chocolate and caemel. I also use Benefiber powder. There is absolutely no taste..I put it in my coffee or juice or just about any liquid...dissolves completely with no after taste. I try to use 2 teaspoons 3x daily. Very convenient, they sell packets for your purse. I buy the big container and packets. Works for me....bert403


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