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One at a time please!

Well this is annoying.

During the heat of last week I could understand sometimes 2 naps a day.

I also understand that PMR makes you tired.

I noted last night as I was drifting off to sleep that I was getting Apnoea when on my right side. (I noted also this morning as I was waking, the same thing) and have noted me having this during my daytime naps. I think this is down to the extra fat around my chin and neck (thank you Pred) and having a husband who's been wearing a PAP mask for 5 years I am knowledgeable enough about this.

I slept well last night, not fully waking until 8h45....and now, 3 hours later I am so tired...have dragged myself around the shops, brain not working well, eyes a bit blurry and am now wondering whether I am getting Sleep Apnoea all night.

Add in I am drifting too on the edge of Type 2 Diabetes....and had a run in with some carbs yesterday.....I am getting bored with me now.

I don't want to go back to the Dr's and investigate yet more problems :(

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I just give into the tiredness and try and pamper myself with smellies, a pedicure or a glass of wine. If you need to rest, rest, fatigue is a symptom of PMR and also other auto immune diseases. Trying to fight it is a waste of time. I have taken an interest in nutrition since the PMR diagnosis and have become a real boring nerd to my friends. Although some of them are now drinking beetroot juice I notice! In fact I have found nutrition really interesting.


I used to make strange noises as drifting off to sleep - while still awake!!!! I also snored when at my cuddliest. Having lost 36 lbs of pred and PMR weight - no snoring according to OH (who I assume should know). I do also have to say - I feel a lot less tired than I used and as far as i know the PMR is still active. Since you are very sleep apnoea-aware I would ask the GP if you could have a sleep study done. And I will be waiting with bated breath to hear the result - and I shall bring it to relevant people's attention if it is positive...

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I'll hold fire on the sleep assessment and take more notes for a while. 2 of us in masks is a scary prospect :D


Maybe - but neither of you would notice the other...


I also make funny noises as I drift off to sleep. Worst occasion was when I was in waiting room for rheumy. Was mortified but you have to laugh. I've also been told my snoring has increased with the weight gain. So hard to be able to tell if sleep apnoea or just the lovely pmr as I seem to go through cycles of exhaustion with no real rhyme or reason to them.


I have had several bouts like you describe, with the fatigue and brain fog, despite getting 8 hours or more of sleep. I don't think it was sleep apnea related for me, just the weirdness that is PMR. But totally frustrating while going through it, especially since it can last for weeks. Best thing is to give in and rest and do nothing as much as possible and wait for it to pass.

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