Wondering if I should go to ER or wait for Rheumatologist to be back on the 18th?

Hello again, Hope everyone is doing as good as can be. I have not been feeling to good tonight and have been debating if I should go to the ER. Basically it started earlier this afternoon. My temple area seems like it is throbbing and scalp on the top right side of my head is tender to the touch and or comb. I have broken out in a sweat about 4 times today for no apparent reason, woke up to seeing for lack of a better term seeing trailers behind things like when you move your hand and then there is like a sort of ghost trail following behind it. I have also had a low grade headache and very stiff neck, some dizziness, and my tongue and one side of my jaw has been sore off and on all day. Do you think it warrants a trip to the ER or just keep taking my prednisone 30 mg and wait to see my rheumy when she is back on the 18th?

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  • I would go to ER - right now......

    I am no expert but what you are describing sounds serious enough to take that trip immediately.

  • ER now! Please do not wait!!

  • Ok, I think you are right, I guess I should fool around with this. Thanks for replying.

  • should not fool around with this, I meant to say.

  • When I went to the PMRGCA AGM in June the doctor in her talk said one of the main things to look for was if you could not bear to put a comb through your hair. Go to A&E as soon as possible would be your best plan I feel.

    Best wishes

  • Get yourself off to ER you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.with my limited experience, you do seem to be experiencing classic symptoms of GCA and as you know, this constitutes an emergency. Good luck and bless you. Please let us know what happens Mysaryk. I would not hesitate if it was me. Get a friend or family member to go with you and prepare to be in for the long haul. No messing, off you go!!

  • misaryk, as the others have said, yes straight off to the ER for some expert examination and advice. Can't be too careful as far as our eyesight is concerned. Thinking of you and wishing you well.

  • Will be thinking of you ...

  • Agree must go straight to ER, cannot take any chances with your symptoms, its your sight you only have 2 eyes misaryk

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