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Not entitled to Employment and support allowance !

I have been informed that I am not entitled to Employment and support allowance because I have not paid enough National Insurance Contributions. They take into account the last 2 years only !!!! I have over 40 years of National Insurance Contributions and did not pay the last few years because I have more than enough for my Pension (which I will not get till I am 66 and am only 61 now ) nobody told me about this. I have worked all my life and never claimed any benefits of any kind. Feeling a bit cheated :(

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Have a look on pension forecast I think it is and you can pay for any stamp value you have missing ,Not sure if it covers support allowance but as you have just found out how much you have been deceived by several successive governments ,start checking up on your actual pension now . I left it too late and now do not have a full pension because of the years I had to give up work to look after my mother and the years of sporadic work that I did whilst looking after her and as I didn,t claim any allowances ( my mother claimed them ) I had stamps missing .I didn't know I should have signed on as unemployed or that I f I had been able to claim one of the allowances as a carer my stamps would have been covered . Make the effort now to be sure for later .I have worked and not claimed benefits and I am sure I have worked for less than the benefits would have been at times but that was my mistake .


That's so unjust. If I were you I'd write a stiff letter to my MP. Our elected representatives ought to know about this miserable situation.


I might do if I thought they cared but it is down to me not knowing I am afraid ! I only found out recently as I retired . The are well aware and it possibly saves them vast amount of money ;-)


Hi Jules,

Might be an idea to speak to either local CAB or AGE UK office if you have one (or try their web page). They may be able to give you some assistance. As you say, if you've paid your dues, then you should be entitled to some assistance. Worth a try.



Did you apply for contribution based

Try claiming for income based this is done on your income they never explain the difference but its worth having a go.

Also have you applied to Pension Forecast re State Pension

I was the same as you

Qualifying years for N I went from 30 to 35 so I paid the extra and now find I didn't need to as qualifying years have gone back to 30.

Still cant retire till 65 and 4 months

So counting the months and years till I can



I was told nothing when I asked about stopping NI contributions because my income was so low - when I did find out I said that no-one had explained the consequences and suddenly I was allowed to pay the "catch-up" which wasn't megabucks as I'd been self-employed. That may not help of course if you have to pay the full employed amount, it is far more.

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