Alternative treatment - approaching home stretch?

So this past month has been a bit up and down, but mostly up. I started going for light therapy once a week. At the same time I kept prodding away at getting my body to accept a dose of 3.5 mg. Suddenly it seemed about a week ago that I'd made a breakthrough so am now in dead slow taper to 3.5 from 4. Definitely feeling better. My back has bothered me, but it's not pmr, just one of those things (from doing some gardening I shouldn't have). PMR niggles much eased, and I seem to have a bit more energy, although still being a bit of a lazy lout. After next appointment we're going to see if fortnightly visits will work this time as I can't be going for light therapy forever. 🎇

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  • Good to have another update from you, Heron, and to hear that things are still progressing successfully. Hope the smooth journey continues in spite of reducing the light therapy sessions.

  • Thanks. I tried going fortnightly last month and it didn't work well, but I think it's like the pred reduction, just keep trying and eventually it'll "take".

  • Hi HeronNS,

    By light therapy do you mean being exposed to a certain range of light for so many minutes a day, something that is used for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) ?


  • No it's different. If you go to my profile there are a number of posts from a few months ago where I talk about it in more detail.

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