Thank you All (from 'John Wayne')

Dear friends on this forum

Sincere thanks for your lovely responses to my mirthful posts over the weekend.  In fact, it is you who made my weekend more bearable after my 'trip' on Friday and a frustrating couple of days of self-inflicted immobility.  Hey-ho...

You might (or might not?!) be pleased to know that I've put Shergar, Steptoe and JW to bed tonight, ready to get back to business as usual tomorrow - including a local PMRGCA group meeting, and a ( very respected Rheumatologist as a guest speaker.  I'll keep you posted.

As I write this, I can't help thinking about my next cunning incarnation of a PMR 'Survivor' who breaks most of the rules and clings doggedly onto a mischievous SOH to cope with the downsides of the condition, for better or worse.  Watch this space...

Until then, wishing you all a peaceful and positive week, and fingers crossed for you on the journey.

MB :-)      

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  • Take  care Mark. We all deal with this in our own (different) ways. Clearly your unique style and humor has been a breath of fresh air and lightened the load  - albeit temporarily- for a lot of folks this weekend! Thanks.

  • Thank you so much Queenfisher :-)

  • Don't wish to see a post on Wednesday relating to 'May the 4th be with you' 😉 Sorry bit giddy  from the Maypole. 

  • Ohh, great play-on words DL!  As for pole dancing... no comment ;-)

  • Love it!!!

  • Definitely not- not with my dodgy knee et al! 

  • Sorry DL, didn't mean it that way!  Just reminded me of my 'romantic' adventure in Ukraine a few years ago.   A long and intriguing story for another time..!

    Zzzz :-) 

  • Mmm!  That's why some of us have non de plumes!

    As they say 'what goes on tour, stays on tour'! 

  • So true!  I really am bushed tonight after all the excitement of the weekend, so will turn-in now.  But let's continue our dialogue - either on the forum or otherwise?

    Talk again soon DL, a pleasure to be in contact with you :-) 

  • Oh - on here I think, don't you. That way our witterings may amuse others, hopefully. 

    Some seem to like your ramblings..... sorry, sterling tales of daring do! So best get fairy-tales cap on again. 

  • Is that witterings or twitterings?

  • Whateva!

  • You getting down with the kidz there DL?

  • I'm like: AWESOME! ;-)

  • LOL

  • DL / PMRpro, I think this one could run and run! 

  • No way MAN! It's soooooo boring! And teenagers only have the attention span of a gnat anyway. No generalisation, there then! 

  • No probs, ladyee. Gotta keep up/geddown with da grandkidz.

  • OMG - EPIC!

  • Eeeeeeek....

  • Think you have wound him up again DL .....

  • Yes. That's one of my specialities! Light the touch paper -and then retire !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Didn't know we could have a pension for doing that too?

  • Actually, I have - was married to a Gunner (that's the Royal Artillery) - for those civvies on here! 

  • Looking forward to the next installment!

  • I am leaving you tomorrow, temporarily I hope.  I'm being incarcerated in not prison,, wrong!  That's it.  Will look forward to the tales of derring-do and chivalry as distraction aids while I'm in the nick........

  • Fingers crossed for you polkadotcom, I'll do my best to think of something! 

    You remind me of many years ago when I was a young Hospital Radio DJ locally, in between the day job.  Our motto was 'we'll keep you in stitches!'  As part of the role we had to visit the wards and have a chat with patients / try to cheer them up by playing a record request (vinyl in those days!). 

    I remember once visiting the maternity ward and saying hello to a pretty girl with a large 'bump'.  In usual, cheery-dj manner I asked: 'when's the baby due?'  Her reply: 'I had it yesterday..'. 

    My co-presenter on Hospital Radio (and sweetheart at the time) was the lovely Jill Dando, also from Weston super Mare.  Of course, that's another story all together..  

    Best thoughts

    MB :-)

  • Yawn ... 💤😴💤

  • You can't resist, can you?!

    Best thoughts, Polylinc, despite our differences.  Life's too short ;-) 

  • Yawn 💤😴💤💤💤💤

  • Sleep well!

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