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Thoroughly fed up!

Since being diagnosed with PMR last October I have really gone down hill.

PMR is enough to contend with, the, two months ago I was told I needed two new hips, one chance whilst still on 10m.g. Thursday I began to feel really unwell, with cramping pains in my stomach, I was also passing blood clots. Saw G.P , new medication is now. Saturday and I am no better.

I wonder what else PMR will throw at me?

Needed to have a grumble....

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Hi - re your hips, please don't give up on the idea of replacements because of your pred dose. I was told no operation till below 10mg (I was on 15 at the time) but after I got down to 12 he said ok! You can always look for another surgeon, as well. Good luck!


Venezia is quite right - if you need a new hip, 10mg of pred is NOT a contraindication as far as some surgeons are concerned, Shop around. If nothing else, try writing to various orthopaedic surgeons and ask their advice.

The gut problem sounds more of a problem to me!

Get well soon!


Gut problem is a worry to me too.....


I had foot surgery on 12mg of Pred. Dr;s not keen because you may take longer to heal but if they know about it they should be able to accommodate it.

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I was on 20mg when I fell and shattered my hip and had to have a partial hip replacement, we were told at 78 it could be dangerous but was necessary. I had no problems. You will be fine. Best of luck.


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