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Advice, please

Hello all, how are you all this blustery Sunday?πŸ˜ƒ

A few weeks ago, I asked about taking mtx at night instead of in the morning. Thank you for all of your replies. I haven't yet changed to night time yet, but am going to do so this week. I usually take mtx on a monday morning, but wish to change to taking it Sunday evening/night. Do you think that would be a problem, as it would be roughly 12 hours earlier than normal? I'd be so grateful for your opinions. Many thanks, Deb xxx

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I took mine on a Friday evening with my evening meal eventually, but it did take me a while to sort out my 'best' time. I never found any problems with taking it a day or a night earlier, provided I took it with a meal. You should be taking folic acid too, and that may need re-jigging following a change in the MTX time/day.


Hello polkadotcom, I take 5mg folic acid four times a week - I'm guessing that I would have to take it the following evening as per the usual 24hrs, but do you think that the subsequent doses could be taken in the mornings?


Yes, I always moved the week's dosage to the mornings as it was easier to remember, but I was taking it 6 days a week - the only day I didn't was the day I took the MTX.


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