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Is this GCA?

Hi this is my first post, I was diagnosed with PMR in July after months of visits to the GP for dreadful fatigue, stiffness and pain. I was started on 15mg of Pred, he slowly started reducing the dose, I made it to 10mg last month had a flair and he increased the dose back to 12.5.

I have been feeling generally unwell and started having a strange headache on bothsides of my head. As I had an appointment with a Rheumatologist last week ( which I paid for as the NHS waiting list in my area is over a year for first appointments) I didn't go to the GP. The Rhumy didn't think it was GCA and just requested new bloods to check for Lupus etc.

However since last week the Headaches have become awful I have to go and lie down. There is A dreadful pain behind my eye radiating to behind my ear and I have intermittent calf pain when I walk. I'm puzzling if I've just become a hypochondriac because the rheumatologist didn't pic anything up or is there something really wrong? I'm so embarrassed to keep going to the GP? Any advice greatfully received.

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Yes, it COULD be GCA and since it is nearly the weekend and I doubt you would get an appointment this afternoon with your GP (but do call them and ask, emphasising the problem) do consider going to A&E. The calf pain could be claudication, suggesting other arteries lower down are affected so do mention that as well as the worsening headache and the generally unwell feeling. If it were me I would at the very least go to your GP's surgery and stand there insisting you wish to at least speak to a GP immediately as this is possibly a medical emergency. If you can't get that go to A&E. It may not have looked like GCA last week - it sounds a possibility this.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Thank you so much for your response I think I needed an impartial view. I will go to the GP now.


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