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getting down steroids

I am slowly getting down the steroids for the second time I might add, I am down to 6mg. trouble is over the 5 years and two sessions of PMR and steroids my weight has yoyoed. I am now one and a half stones more then I want to be it isn't showing any signs of moving in spite of the steroid reduction and trying to cut down. Is there a point when steroid reduction meets weight and starts to come off.

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Everyone is different. One lady put on about 6 stones with pred (she did have GCA) and was also pretty much unable to walk so she ended up in a wheelchair. She lost nothing until she got off pred and then it all faded away. I put on loads of weight with one form of steroid and lost it very slowly but steadily after being switched to another form and cutting carbs drastically. I've lost about 36lbs and would like to lose more but am stuck - but whenever I ate any quantity of carbs I lost nothing.

It will go eventually but you may have to work hard to lose it while still on pred.


thanks Eileen


Iam 34days pred free put on 2stone even with careful eating.. don't know if have lost any. The doctor who cared for me 30+years ago always used to say bathroom scales should be banned so never had any but on Sunday I put a tunic on that I could not get my arm's into in August . Will try a pair of trousers at the end of month just to see ,at the moment working on balance so can walk to grandsons Christmas play without stick

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It does differ very much between individuals. I found mine began to go once I reached 9mg, but I was left with a unwelcome extra stone which proved difficult to shift.

The only thing I have found to be of use is carb-watching. I can't eliminate all carbs as I have T2 diabetes, but I have now slowly lost 7lb - it has taken a long time, and I think I am stuck with the left-overs!

Exercise comes into it too. I have limited mobility but try to walk every day (although I can't do the 'brisk' walking advised). I'm sure it helps, as do exercises done indoors to help keep my muscles strong.

I'm sure that others will have more suggestions.


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