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Blood tests not pointing to any condition


Iv just recieved my latest blood results which were ANA C3 and C4 and ANCA, they all came back negative and within range.

I also got telephone cann from rheumy department with appointment for neext thursday.

So far from bloods there is no indication of whats causing my symptoms and raised esr.

Last night i had a bad time with wrist and knee pain on both sides with flu-;ike symptoms. Also headache for past few days which i dont normally have apart from ocular migraine from time to time.

Its frustrating and i often wonder if i will ever get to the point where i know whats causing me to feel unwell and if any treatment will help.

Thanks Christine

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Having a negative blood test doesn't necessarily mean it isn't telling them something - it is all part of a jigsaw puzzle. It will be interesting to hear what the rheumy says on Thursday - it sounds as if he has some ideas.

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Lets hope so..


Hi PMRpro. I am a RN in the States who ended up with RHUPUS ( acronym for RHEMATOID Arthritis and Lupus which set into action the cerebral vasculitis. I have 7 infarcts on my brain. Best time to get diagnostic bloodworm done when u are in a flare up. If u go feeling good - ur # won't get u the diagnostic levels. To say u have it. Don't give up. U should b seeing a neurologist for the vasculitis As a clot will lilli and they put u on blood thinners. It's an awful disease but u unfortunately joined our vasculitis club. These is relief from the RA AND LUPUS but the vasculitis is horrible. Let me know how u do. Do u live in the states?

Wishing u well


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