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Nerve conduction test

My rheumy had me go for a nerve conduction test because I was telling him I had what felt like "vibrations" in my hands when at rest. Results were that I have compression in my wrists. Ironically, that is what hurts me in the morning the most , and tender throughout the day. I was diagnosed with PMR in April 2015, started at 20 mg, got down to 7.5 mg in September with no ill effects. Travelled to Southeast Asia in October and because of increased activity and time changes, I had to up my pred to 10mg. Am now on 9 mg and will start to decrease by .5 every month. Has anyone had this wrist problem? Dr said to wear wrist splints at bedtime and did not seem too concerned. Is it the PMR or pred side effects?

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Do you mean ulnar nerve compression? I had wrist problems that may have been that and using wrist splints did relieve it quite well. Don't think I wore them at night - far too uncomfortable!!!!!


Have no idea what it was called! They hooked me up to a machine and gave me little shocks! I'm living with it. As my husband says "It could be worse!"


I had similar symptoms and was thought to have carpal tunnel syndrome. It started off feeling as though my hands were fizzing or vibrating, followed by them feeling numb and then very sharp nerve pains shooting through from finger tip to neck. It was all down to the PMR flare up in my neck and shoulders. Most of it settled down as the PMR settled but I have been left with a certain amount of parasthesia in both hands. I have been told that it may never fully recover. Although it is irritating I'm coping reasonably well with it. I just have to be careful when cooking as I can'tfeel it when I burn myself


Thanks for your quick reply! I'm living with it too! It gets better the more I use them.

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