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Just wanted to know if anybody gets hip and shoulder pain I have had horrendous hip pain only relief was going to bed with hot water bottle attached after a few days eased off have permanent pain in shoulders sometimes worse than others but I walk like an invalid shuffling about and long to be able to walk properly will this eventually get better? Is this PMR ?

Due to see my doctor next Monday and will run it past him sometimes have a couple of days when feel nearly normal.

My last post was when I fell down the stairs and that did create a reaction as some of you said but that was a few weeks ago.

Thankyou for listening to my rambling.

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  • What dose of pred are you on? If you are above about 15-20mg/day still it is not very likely to be PMR popping its ugly head above the parapet as a symptom of GCA - but if you have got significantly lower, yes it could be. It does sound suspiciously like it.

    But having flown down the stairs the other week it is also possible that your back muscles have given up the unequal struggle and have just tightened into a solid mass - and believe me - that can HURT! Needless to say I'd suggest a visit to a Bowen practitioner who may well be able to help - as they have for a lot of us. Not guaranteed but very gentle and has other benefits too, similar to the relaxing effect of a good massage.

  • Have you tried Reiki and Indian Head massage, they are very relaxing and gentle. I keep telling myself to book some sessions of Bowen Therapy. Got as far as finding a Practitioner and price list. £60 for initial consultation. Does that sound reasonable? x

  • That is a lot more than I paid for my lady in Durham and as far as I can gather most people pay under £40 per session. The first session does tend to be a lot longer as they do a history and often an examination first. What do they charge for follow-up sessions? It is possible they are making sure they make money out of the first session in case you don't come back!

  • It's also £60 a session here in Surrey - £150 if you book three sessions, I believe. I'm sure Trish will confirm if she's looking in.

  • If my memory serves me well, £40 each additional session thereafter. x

  • If it is handy - not too bad probably.

  • I;' will book initial consult and see how I feel afterl Thanks x

  • I am on 11mg a day I use the very slow method as have suffered flares in the past. I have tried Bowen in the past and seemed to help at that time but I basically want to know what is the cause of the pain in the hip and shoulders.

    Thanks for your reply

  • If you have got down to 11mg then it could be PMR symptoms - but what I was saying is that there are other possibilities and what I would do about it.

  • Oh dear, Vpankhurst, I do so hope that PMR isn't joining in now - GCA is quite enough to cope with. Although as you say it is a few weeks since your fall down the stairs, perhaps that fall has resulted in some sort of injury which is causing the pain. It is also possible that the trauma of the fall itself might have been enough to bring on PMR-type symptoms. Perhaps your GP will arrange an X-ray just to rule out anything untoward going on from the effects of the fall. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

  • see my doctor Monday will keep you informed.Thanks

  • I'm currently having Bowen Treatment in West Sussex. The first session was almost 2 hours and included very thorough consultation for £52. Subsequent sessions are £42 and include review since last appointment and approx. 45 minutes of hands on treatment. Although I didn't think there was any improvement initially, I am noticing now how much my sleep has improved, the pain in my buttocks has all but gone and Emma, my therapist, has taught me a technique which I can use on myself involving working on the fascia to help relieve my very swollen legs and ankles. I've only just started on this so will let you know how it goes. Overall it is a very gentle therapy and very relaxing.


  • I was due a blood test last Tuesday and my doctor rang me at home a couple of days later and said the level had gone up to 133 so I had to go and see him explaining about my hip pain and also problems in my lower leg swelling and pain, looked at both and sent me to A and E with a letter regarding these and also the raised blood count. tHey did a ultrasound of ankle and found inflammation of the Achilles' tendon and are going to arrange physio. Regarding blood count the doctor said he didn't want to interfere with the treatment I have been having so I was no further forward and don't go back to my doctor till Monday. As far as my GCA is concerned feel tired and weak but haven't got any untoward pains in head so still on same dosage.

    Any thoughts?

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