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Dose 1 onboard, once a week from now on, then in 3 weeks first reduction in pred, then onward.

See my new primary care tomorrow with loads of questions from my visit at the Rheumy. In reviewing my labs since June, it looks like my white cell count spikes every time I've been below 40mg. So we're discussing an oncologist visit, concern about leukemia/lymphoma or??? Also been blood/bacteria in my Urine since June??? And my c reactive is higher now than it was in June. Glucose not HIGH but high for me.....

Eesh and double eesh.....

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PamelAnne, apart from PMR/GCA, many other inflammatory conditions and immune system problems can raise our white cell count, as can drugs, including steroids themselves. I do hope you will get more answer at your appointment tomorrow - meanwhile, fingers crossed that the MTX proves successful for you.

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The oncology question is one that should have been part of the original diagnosis: the PMR we discuss here is something called a "diagnosis of exclusion" and all the other things should have been ruled out before saying that PMR is all that is left, let's try a moderate dose of pred. That's also why it is not recommended to use the high doses - and anything over 20mg is high. Lots of things will respond to high dose pred and anyone who is supposed to have PMR and needs a high dose to get any relief should be investigated much more closely.

I'm sorry to hear you have this to deal with - as if feeling ill for 4 months wasn't enough the hearing of the big-c word isn't pleasant to put it mildly. And the wait is the worst aspect - been there, done that. Let's hope they can find another answer. Good luck and do let us know what they decide.


Hi Pamela

I am having exact same symptoms. White count up and crp up at 35. Also bacteria in urine. Been on 35 2 weeks. Sugar went up from prednisone but under control with very low carb diet. Don't want to be negative here but mtx has not proven to help with pmr or Gca at all. Buy Kate Gilberts book and talk to the pro. Serious side effects from mtx. I'm staying on 35 for next 2 weeks and looking more towards the esc than the crp. Crp covers a lot. Heart, bowels even a rise in cholesterol can raise crp. When I had pmr we used the esc only and how I felt. I was off steroids in 3 years ( much lower than 40). Now with Gca it's another story. Enjoy your weather. Here in south Florida it's running 85. Clearly I need some Connecticut weather. Happy New Year. Just wanted to share. Marilyn

P.S. Having a stress test where they see all after new year.


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