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So I'm back down to 30mg after having to go back up to 40 with a flare 3 weeks ago. Doing well so far, going to stay at this dose for at least another week before dropping down by 2.5 again. Rheumy said to go with how I'm feeling with each reduction, and to go with the 10% of the current dose strategy, so far so good. Things have been ok, a lot going on with friends, attended a memorial today for a friends dad. Can't help but think how blessed I am to have my parents hale and hearty in their eighties, and how much I dread losing them which I know I must at some point. My friend who had eye surgery is mending slowly, had a minor setback but is on the plus side again. Such scary stuff.

On the good side I've been feeling creative and have been designing more earrings and necklaces which I hope to sell to bring in some income. The people I've shown them to like them so I feel good about them too, which is nice. Also been spending some quality time with my son and I am so PROUD of him. Trying to focus on the positives in this new situation of mine and not the negatives!

Spoke to my claim rep at the disability insurance company and she said my file was complete and sent out for their medical team to review. She said she thought it was very thorough and they shouldn't request any further documentation. I should have an answer in 7-10 days, not a moment too soon as I'm about out of funds!

Well that's all from rainy and cold Connecticut. Might actually have to turn on the heat tonight!

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  • Cold in Nova Scotia this evening, too, after three days of (actually much needed) rain. It is so good that you are feeling more creative. I'm feeling a bit more that way myself and I think it is because I have been making sure I rest a lot more than I used to! It is quite a journey learning to live with this illness, isn't it? All the best.

  • There is some movement over on the Patient.info PMR/GCA forum to get a Canadian support group going using phone/email/Skype.

    If you aren't already on that forum - and since people seem to use different names on the various forums I don't know - perhaps you'd like to go and have a look.


  • Thanks. I believe I am one of the prime movers over there!

  • PamelAnn, not easy to get our heads around the predicament we find ourselves in following diagnosis, but it sounds as though you are on the right track on all counts now and long may that continue.

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