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I'm currently successfully (fingers xd) reducing Pred for PMR (down to 8.5 mg on slow taper). I normally get a flu jab (I'm 52 no other health issues) but wonder what advice on this is? I had a (v mild) suspected case of shingles a few months ago, so I'm not sure what to do as want to avoid the poss consequences of catching anything this winter. Advice please.

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  • There is no reason NOT to have the flu jab when on pred so if your GP will give it then take it. Anyone on pred (or any other form of immuno-suppressant) is entitled to have it as being an "at risk" group so stand your ground.

  • Thanks PMRPro. I'm happy to pay, it's a tenner a Boots I've done this for past five years as my job is in schools (black hole for flu!), I was wondering if the jab risks bringing on a flu/shingles, as if not then I'll take it up again this year....

  • It won't lead to you getting flu no - it can't, although many people claim a reaction to it and that it was "flu". If they did it was almost certainly an infection that was hatching anyway.

    Shingles is there - you had chicken pox as a child and the virus remains dormant in the body and SOMETHING may wake it up but there is no more reason to think it would happen by having the flu jab than you getting a cold - or even flu because you didn't get the jab. My husband had flu the winter before last - because he'd missed his jab because of a mild infection and forgot to go back. He has dodgy lungs due to surgery and radiotherapy (not for lung cancer), developed pneumonia and it took 6 months to sort it out. He won't be forgetting again!

  • Thanks PMRPro, v helpful advice.

  • Sorry just realised this says 'fly' not 'flu', apologies forum friends!

  • A 'fly jab' sounds like a great idea. But seriously, in my experience, the flu jab is an essential yearly appointment and I've never, even on the past 4 years on pred, had an adverse reaction.

  • Thanks for your + feedback!

  • I had visions of some poor medic trying to inject a small fly with a big needle. It has been a long day at work.!!

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