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Cilla Black?

Was reading with sadness about the loss of this icon the other day. I know it's wrong to assume at this point, but read in the BBC report just released from the Spanish Coroner she had been suffering from Arthritis the last two years, and had terrible pains and saying she was going blind... of course we are all aware the signs with PMR and GCA... and the importance of seeking medical help immediately, and if this were the case with poor Cilla, perhaps it may go some way to getting this terrible chronic illness out there more to let people know? I say that because I, like many had never even heard of the illness until it struck, and if there is a common link to the onset, perhaps prevention at some point would be better than suffering for years?

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I also found myself starting to put two and two together when reading the latest sad news about Cilla's eyesight today and already having read about her arthritis. However, we mustn't "assume", as there are so many other reasons for failing eyesight, not least macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and other auto-immune inflammatory conditions. Cilla's mother had severe osteoporosis so it's highly like that that gene was also passed on.

As for "prevention", of course first of all they need to find a cause but meanwhile there is a lot of research going on and much more publicity is starting to get out there by way of the National Organisation, PMRGCAuk, and two other Charities (one in Scotland and the other in the North East) and the support groups dotted around the country.


So so tragic.....This month I wrote an article about the new PMR/GCA Support Group which Sally-Ann Morgan organised with the help of the Taunton Branch last year. My nephew agreed to published it in the local free edition of the 'ORACLE' Magazine. the hope being that it would bring awareness of this debilitating illness to the attention of the public. My heart goes out to all those who suffer from this illness, but to the family of Cilla, who was loved by so many. May she rest in the peace she so deserves.


I share your sentiments.

Very well done on your part for taking the time to write such an article, and to your nephew for his kind help in spreading the word. My GP has posted details of our support group on the surgery's website, and I have posters on display there, in our local hospital rheumy department and in the local community centre and pharmacy. It all helps to spread the word and importantly to reach out to as many sufferers as we can so that they don't feel so alone whilst struggling with an illness that they had probably never heard of before diagnosis.


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