Kitten Power

I got a Siamese Lilac point tiny kitten three weeks ago. Best thing I have ever done! He has completely turned my focus from myself to him and his welfare.

Highly recommended as an antidote to PMR GCA and any other revolting pain riddled ailment we may get.

Not a cure and not necessary to get Siamese, but lovely to have company and someone to care for.

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  • I couldn't agree more. Whilst suffering from PMR/GCA, a beautiful black long-coated cat came into my life by accident during my early evening walks. Each time I saw her it was becoming more and more apparent that she was a stray. One evening we saw her eating from refuse sacks awaiting collection, called her and she came running. I picked her up, brought her home and she followed me everywhere for the next 5 years until she sadly developed a tumour in her mouth and we had to have her put to sleep. By that time, my PMR/GCA was in remission and I was off steroids, but I feel that her and I 'rescued' each other in our time of need.

    Enjoy every moment with your new friend - a photo would be lovely!

  • Hello after such a long time. I still have my kitty illegally in my retirement flat. He is now a beautiful 2 year old and I cpuldnt live without him.

    Hope all is well with you.


  • Happy for you and your kitty and hope you continue to enjoy each other's company for many years to come.

  • PMRandRA.....I have had my cat 🐱 Dora Louise for 13 years and don't know how I'll cope without her 🙁...she is getting on, but apart from hearing loss is healthy and as beautiful and fun loving as ever 😻


  • Hello, I couldn't agree more with both you and Celtic. I haven't a cat anymore thanks to my dog who has behavioural issues, but she like you say is one of my best friends.

    Katie jumps on the bed for cuddles at various times throughout the night and especially in the morning. When I first developed the symptoms she jumped on the bed less and less until the point whereby I was I so much pain I couldn't turn or sleep, then she never jumped on the bed not once.

    Then I was diagnosed and the very first evening of the very first day I started taking preds there she was back on the bed wanting her cuddles!!!

    When we had our last dog, who by the way discharge behavioural issues we also had 3 cats, Tuesday, Friday and gizmo. One evening we were ready to go to bed and all 4 of them were snuggled up on the bed. We went to bed in the spare room and within about 10 minutes they'd all followed us into the spare room and up onto the bed. Our ribs hurt we both laughed so much!

    Pets, indeed all animals are wonderful, I just wish humankind treated them so much better. Regards, tina (I'm trying to work out how to attach a photo)!

  • I have recently moved home, to my cats disappointment, and during the four weeks he was missing I felt quite ill. I don't know if it was that I was really missing him added to the stress of moving, but Nothing could ease my pain. He's back now and I feel quite well again. There's some truth in animals are healers, especially cats and it's also proven that dogs are too. Enjoy your baby kitten, he'll bring you much joy.

  • So glad your cat is back and you're feeling well again. Yes, animals are healers, I'd be lost without my cats :-))

  • Agree totally. Diagnosed with GCA January this year, the pain not too bad, sometimes none at all, but feeling bit yukky etc. We have 3 cats, Junior (adopted from family up road cos they were moving and he'd been visiting our other cat Charlie (sadly no longer with us now) a lot, so we all agreed it would be safer if he stayed with us) and brother and sister Bart and Lisa, had then from kittens from Cats Protection League, they are 3. We would be lost without them! :-)))

  • My cat Schnickelfritz keeps me laughing. There's no explaining his antics and I'd be lost without him. It's so hard to not dwell on oneself and the changes the PMR\GCA has caused in my life. Fritzy is a great distraction.

  • I have a dog, who keeps me active. Without her I think I would just sit, which does not do the aches much good. BUT I also am very fortunate in having a donkey. He is so cuddly and listens to my complaints about all the pain. He hasn't complained once.

  • He-he, Lynn, or should it be he-haw! Love it.

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