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Message in a bottle

The Lions 'charity' organisation ( reference MD105 can supply small plastic containers for emergency health information in your home. On the Internet choose the 'message in a bottle' under the 'Lions' section for details.

It works by filling in your details on an enclosed form, I also put my latest or up to date prescription form in as well. Two stickers come with the container, one to put on the inside of your front door and one to put on the outside of your refrigerator. You keep the plastic container in your fridge on the door where it can be easily accessed. The Emergency services are trained to look for these if they come to your home.

I also found this very helpful when I had to rush my husband to A & E in the night - I just grabbed 'his' container knowing I had all the information with me.

I hope this information will be of some assistance to many of you who wonder how to provide the very necessary details in an emergency.

We had a visit here by a volunteer who gave the containers out free so it may be that the various PMRGCA groups who meet regularly could access these for distribution.

Best wishes to all.

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Hello Patricia, thank you for the information. Regards, christina


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