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I have had GCA/Polymyalgia since November 2012 I am coping quite well really, started on 60mg but now down to 3mg a day.

My problem is my back, which is bad in the morning , fine during the day, but bad after sitting down if an evening, but I can put up with it. Anyway a friend recommended me to a Osteopath, who I saw today, who thinks he can sort me out, as my body is a bit out if line. But he wants me to have some cranium massage,

Can Zi ask if any other GCA sufferers

Have had this treatment, and is it ok to have it?


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Jan, some gentle massage could be quite helpful but avoid any manipulation techniques. However, if you are experiencing bad pain in the mornings and after sitting, it sounds as though you may have reached too low a dose to control your present level of inflammation. Perhaps you could try increasing the dose to 5mg for a couple of days to see if there is any improvement.


Maybe also think about having your spine x-rayed. The Pred causes us to lose calcium. My doctors keep x-raing my spine to look for some kind of fractures. If you have one and catch it before the bones collapse the doctors can inject a substance into the fracture to keep it from collapsing. It's a very minimally invasive procedure. Then there is never pain from the fracture. If we wait too long, then it will always hurt. My father had them-some without timely treatment) and had trouble sitting.


Thankyou for your reply, yes I have had back trouble on and off since contracting GCA I had a spine X-ray about 6 months ago, which they told me was just wear & tear (every back problem they seem to put down to

Good old wear & tear, I was sent to a pain clinic, which really just teaches you to cope with pain??

My back pain comes and goes really, I can put up with it. Must your advice makes sense, I will ask for another X-Ray, although I doubt they will give it to me. I'll try anyway.

Thankyou Asbeck.


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