Please respond to the new poll!

Hello everyone. Hope you are having a good day/week.

You will see that we have posted a new poll. This question has come from a consultant rheumatologist who also does research. It would be great if we could get lots of votes in a short period to demonstrate how effective these forum polls can be in gathering data quickly! You'll find the poll to the right of the screen. Thanks for voting!

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  • Don't see a poll on my tablet.

  • Hi, where do I find the poll? Ta

  • Hi - If you click on the PMRGCAuk button at the top of the screen it should take you to the home page where you should see a link to the poll in the right hand column of the screen. Hope that works!

  • Found it, thanks. And voted.

  • Are you still holding the group meetings in Telford? Of so where and what time?

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