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PMR or Pred making everything worse?

Nothing is ever simple since PMR. Banged my shin 3 weeks ago, expected the small cut to heal after a few days, HA! 3 days later I had bruising all the way down around my ankle and foot like you wouldn't believe. After a week I called at the local minor injuries unit who confirmed it was bruised (no s**t sherlock) and sent me away. I knew something wasnt right as started to get the shoulder pains back after being pain free on 10mg pred for the past 4 weeks. Managed to get a last minute appt with the GP yesterday who diagnosed cellulitis, antibiotics and sent me to the CDU at the hospital just to make sure the extra pain and swelling in my very red and hot leg wasnt a DVT, thankfully it isnt as i am flying to spain again next week. Will give the antibiotics chance to put things right before i up the pred dose, hopefully everything will settle down quickly

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Ouch! sealine, good job you followed your instincts rather than the advice (or lack of) from "sherlock". If you don't already use it, do keep some arnica cream by your side for future knocks that result in bruising. Hope the antibiotics do the trick and you heal quickly.


I had a fall on18th February bruised from thigh to toes still a couple of shadows on leg doctor AE asked if I bruised and when I told him very easily he smiled and said with pred expect 6-8 weeks to heal he was not far wrong


Buy Manuka Honey Cream, it is expensive but very very good. All cuts, scratches etc dab a tiny bit on - worth its weight it gold. Was developed by Addenbrookes for open wounds with MRSA.

Green Lipped Mussel ointment is another brilliant one.

I also use arnica cream and take arnica tablets, they help the bruising internally. Found this out when I had an operation on my foot - the surgeon could not believe that I had taken arnica tablets for two weeks before the op and there was so little bruising.


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