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78yr male pmr since '12. 20 pred now 12,7wk plan took 9.marked time in 2/3 point.Colds since Dec,thyroxine increasd ,Flare now ?

78yr male pmr since '12. 20 pred- now 12,7wk plan took 9.marked time in 2/3 point. Colds since Dec,Thyroxine increased ,tried mex but felt very unwell so taken off. Pain lower spine ,cough and

pain and weakness rear thighs. Use some pain killers-low dose. Try swimming 2xwk-12length each,short walks,yesterday shopping walk. Today ,coming out of sleep state mid pm and pain ache-not like it before,

and much more active, Is this a Flare?

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Scubadiver, if you have suddenly started being "more active", then perhaps your steroid-weakened muscles are complaining. For instance, if you started swimming 12 lengths twice a week after a long time away from the pool, you might have overdone it. A few less lengths, and perhaps once a week at first might have been more successful.

If you try increasing your dose back up to the last dose at which you felt comfortable you may then have your answer as to whether or not you are experiencing a flair.


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