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Thyroid and Pred

For info- PMR started in April 2012; diagnosed and Pred started in Dec 2012

Have just got blood test results for my thyroid function and for PMR inflammation - after reducing pred again from 2 mg - 1.5 mg everyday. Dr says I now need to increase thyroxine again!

Just to make others aware what can happen as Pred goes up and down.. When taking 15-20 mg of pred I had to half my thyroxine dose... Now taking low dose of pred. having to increase thyroxine again. Feeling relieved as I was feeling very tired........and weight not shifting even though eating carefully. I hope the increase in my thyroxine gives me back energy and allows me to lose weight back to pre pred level ( probably about half a stone). Fatter face has gone.

When thyroid is rebalanced ( month or two?) will try and reduce Pred again. Still aiming at feeling well and aiming at zero Pred.

Dr also says I can have another bone scan in the next year

( just to check) last one done just over 2 years ago which showed bones were in good condition.

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Suzie, well done - all sounds good! I'm sure your post will be very helpful to others suffering from thyroid issues whilst on Pred for PMR.



I'm interested in this. I am hypothyroid and been on Levothyroxine for about 8 years. The PMR and the Pred seem not to have made any difference to my thyroid & thyroxine. I too have put on weight.

I started off on 40mg of Pred in Nov 2013. I got down to 1mg last summer but began to feel awful and am back up to 13.5 having been at 14mg. I long for the day when the PMR has gone, the Pred has gone and I don't feel and look so heavy. Hope the sun is shining on you today as it is here in Berkshire.


I too have Hypothyroidism, which I have had for 22 years, and have been on Pred. for 26 months- at 11mgs now. My thyroid levels have stayed the same throughout, so my medication has not changed. I am due another test in May so we'll see then. The only time my thyroid levels have changed significantly was when I had shingles and cellulitis and it was explained to me that the levels can change if the body is in some kind of shock.


Neither of the two GPS I see has mentioned the possible effects on my thyroxine dosage. I am now, and have been for about ten years, on 100mcg of levothyroxine. Annual blood tests have not indicated that any change has been necessary. However, I will raise the subject with the next GP I see.


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