Sit bone pain

While since I posted here . Seemed to be progressing well, down to 7.5 pred. Last weekend felt a bit off , headache and achy in shoulders and bottom specifically my sit bone. Ischial bone I think it's called . Went back up to 10 mg but truthfully no improvement . As there has been confusion over my diagnosis I tapered from 40mg in nov to now quite quickly . My rheumy not great my gp is though and I know he will prob raise the pred again. . Should I persevere and hope it eases off again. By the way I have had untreated symptoms for about 11/2 years or so . Very down at mo as trying to get walking again and just feel awful after exercise .

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  • Always bear in mind it may not ALL be PMR/GCA. Having PMR doesn't excuse us from other things unfortunately.

    There are two things that can cause pain in the bum (besides PMR that is which IS a pain in the bum): one is piriformis syndrome and the other is myofascial pain syndrome. Both lead to tight muscles in various parts of the back and are often found alongside PMR.

    The fact you say you feel sort of generally ill and particularly after exercise does sound a bit suspicious though - they may have been confused/disagreed about the diagnosis in November - but it doesn't mean their conclusion then was right. I'd say keep in close touch with your GP if he is good - and if you don't feel better very soon on 10mg do discuss it with him.

  • Hi Bumpermac,

    I just re-read that you have gone to 10mg. May not be high enough? I had to go from 7 to 10 to 12mg from Oct to Dec. Holding at 12. Winter seems to be tough on me and this PMR. Had the same trouble last winter. Hope to start trial decrease at end of the month.

    Anyway, Hope that you have an understanding GP who will treat you like a cognitive adult.

    All the best,


  • Thanks for reply Dorothy , I think you re probably right about going to 12. Talking to gp later , he is really terrific and completely on my side. Mandy

  • Hi there Bumpermac,

    If it helps at all, in the 18 months before I was diagnosed with PMR,

    I drove my GP to distraction complaining ( amoung other things) about my sore tailbone. I had x-Rays and blood tests that showed nothing . OTC and prescription painkillers did nothing .

    When I eventually got an appt with Rheumy, and was given a trial of prednisone, low and behold, the tail bone pain vanished with all the other symptoms.

    Perhaps you have gone a bit lower in prednisone than 'the dose that keeps you symptom free'(or under control).

    Maybe trial dose to 10mg for a few days and see if condition improves?

    All the best,


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