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New Symptom

I have reduced to 17mg prednisolone from 30 and have had no problems, except the usual sleeplessness, which is lessening, but recently I have had on several occasions a sudden sense of heaviness in both arms followed by a feeling of intense weakness which means I have to sit down wherever I am - once on a public bench in the pouring rain! I do also suffer from SVT and don't know whether this is related or is to do with PMR/GCA. There has been no rapid heart rate or dizziness which are usual in my SVT episodes. My GP is inaccessible, offering telephone only appointments except in dire emergencies and I am due to speak to him on Friday about the results of a 7-day heart monitor and I will raise this question but would really welcome any advice from you as you are all so helpful. Thanks.

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I had very occasional feelings like that which, in retrospect, were atrial fibrillation/tachy episodes. I never felt any tachycardia unless it was well over 200, I just felt decidedly woozy. Whether it was the tachycardia or the bradycardia that almost always follows a tachy episode we will never know! Of course - they rarely happen while you are actually hooked up do they?

What use is a doctor like that for anyone with a chronic health problem? I have to say, knowing I can see my GP the same day is a great plus for living here! A&E also seems to run a dual system during the winter: ordinary people with emergencies and ski accidents seem to be in two separate queues. Obviously, the have a triage room and then serious ski stuff is seen quickly, anything that needs an x-ray is done almost immediately and then you wait according to the severity of that. But they also fit in post-day-surgery checks and my husband hasn't had to wait more than about 10 mins each time.

Ah - hark! Another helicopter heading for the hospital landing pad...


Thanks so much PMRpro. I suspect it is a heart rather than a PMR problem. This time I did have three incidents while hooked up and the fact that the surgery contacted me with the phone appointment suggests something has shown up. I'll hear on Friday I hope.

The ludicrousness of the phone only system was highlighted when I needed advice on a dermatological problem and receptionist insisted on a phone appointment ; whether I was supposed to angle the affected skin at my Skype screen I don't know. However I did manage to get the privilege of a face to face by arguing my case. But this system really militates against those who are less articulate or second language speakers and often in great need.

I do miss my German healthcare as does my daughter who says if she has another baby it will be in Germany where they have kept up their health insurance (my son-in-law is German). She had a disastrous experience in Norwich with a Caesarean, the repercussions of which still cause her pain six years later.

Thanks again for your response. Your advice and that of the others on the forum makes me feel that I am not coping alone with my health problems.


You used to live in Germany? Where? Are you German? I learnt so much about other ways of treating things when I lived there that has helped me a lot in dealing with PMR and friends. And they think the same way here :-)


I lived mostly in Hamburg but I am English though with German grandparents. My husband and I were there for 22 years and came back here for the children's secondary schooling 20 years ago. I liked the fact that you could go straight to a specialist without referral and that there was never any waiting in A&E. It is pure chance that my daughter married a German though; they met while she was at university here. They go over regularly and do all their health, dental and optical checks while they are there visiting her in-laws. She feels my grandson gets better treatment there.

Were you there for long?


We lived close to Erlangen, near Nuernberg, for nearly 10 years. One daughter was born there and both went through Grundschule. My best friends still live there - Irish but married to Germans. We always said we wanted to return to a German-speaking area at some point - and have retired to Suedtirol! The weather is DEFINITELY better! I love it here, it's a bit like the UK was 40 years ago but up-to-date. No desire to return to the UK.


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