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Hi! Following my posts from last week, and your very helpful replies, my GP has consequently upped my dosage to 30mgs per day. Says the first priority is to get the inflammation under control 24 hrs per day, and then take it from there. Taking the preds at approx 2am has helped to keep me pain free during the day, though sleeping has not been so straightforward!

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He's right about getting the inflammation under control - whether you will later manage with a single dose of pred is impossible to say yet. Once the symptoms are at their minimum you can investigate a bit less and see what happens. But you probably need that dose for at least a month.

Good luck - and rest when you can, that helps with the pred euphoria/mania that messes up your sleep. And don't make the mistake of doing too much because you feel better. Everyone does it and everyone suffers as a result!

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Thank you yet again. It's very reassuring hearing from you. I'll try to rest and not do too much!


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