Merry Christmas from New Zealand

Hi there everybody, wishing you all a Merry Christmas from New Zealand! Been here for almost three weeks now, and mainly weather has been glorious (sorry!), apart from a few days when I first arrived.

Flew via Singapore, where I stopped for a couple of days, slept well there overnight! Was a bit wiped out for one day a couple of days after I got here, but didn't feel as bad as I thought I was going to. Hoping I keep feeling as good all the time I'm here.

SantaClaus had already been here, so I hope he gets to you soon, and brings us all what we want - a heathlier 2015.

Good luck and love to all, and a happy new year. DorsetLady

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Thank you DorsetLady, we will be Scypeing with our daughter out there tomorrow. They do seem to have had some rain where she is.

Merry Christmas to all!

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So glad you are having fun so happy for you ,have a good Christmas and great new year Olive


Have a wonderful holiday! I have lovely sunshine too - looking forward to a walk later though it's a bit friskier here than with you.

Happy New Year!


Glad all flights went well for you too. I have just returned from New Zealand and was surprised that the PMR behaved. Had 6 glorious weeks at Parua Bay near Whangarei with my wonderful adopted family. Just been a walk with the dogs and friends high over the Somerset Levels. (All dry is a year since the flooding started. Have a super stay in that marvelous country and come back in better health. Susan.


Hi Dorsetlady, pleased you are having a lovely time,make the most of it,not to bad the weather here at the moment,sun is shining and that is lovely happy new year to all and hope every one is reasonably well,if not better,.Anne


Merry Christmas from Bellingham Washington, USA! PMR is behaving on this balmy winter day.

Happy New Year to You and Yours!



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