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Saw my Rheumy today and as I am still in pain after reducing down to 20mg of preds and stopping methotrexate 2 weeks ago as it did not make any difference apart making me feel breathless and wacked out. He has advised me to up preds go 30mg so we can determine if at that level I get better better pain relief. This is completely in line with what I would like to have done apart from really wanting to get of preds altogether! He also asked me to start I. 50mg of Azathiaprine building up to 150mg. Hopefully this kicks in we can reduce preds to a lower level. I have to say he was very thorough, sympathetic and understanding and I am very happy with his plans for me. Feel a lot more alive now off the methotrexate mind. Just remembered he also said he would be supportive if in time I needed to think about retiring on medical grounds.

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He sounds a lovely caring rheumy - hang on to him!


Aaaargh having real pig of a time. Yesterday afternoon got the shivers, breathing shallow and a horrible headache. Got iota 4am and have had a horrible day. Headache all day, hips hurting, shallow breathing. Got a real attack of the shivers earlier nice I'm hot as hell. Just want to go to bed but know I won't sleep. No temperature so I'm wondering if it could be a negative reaction to the 100mg of azathiaprine I am now on (1 week). Really think I should go back to the docs tomorrow but don't want to make a fuss.


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