Zoledronic Acid injection yearly

Has anyone had an injection of Zoledronic Acid? I stopped taking Alendronic Acid five months ago after the bad press results reported on this site and elsewhere. The rheumatologist ( a new one) suggested zolendronic acid instead - as an annual injection. I have osteopenia (?=2, I think) and am undecided.

I am 83 and did have a drop attack the other day, with no ill effects (my knees just gave way.)

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Trenny, the osteopenia range is below -1 to -2.5 so you are not very close to the osteoporosis range of lower than -2.5 yet. My last DEXA showed osteopenia at -2.1 but treatment hasn't been suggested for me. However I am off steroids.

In view of the fact that steroids carry a risk of thinning of the bones, It will probably depend on what dose of steroids you are taking at present, or whether you've had a past fracture as to whether you really need treatment such as zolendronic acid.

I presume you are taking Calcium plus Vit D (Calcichew) which is helpful to the bones. However, if you have had a Vit D blood test which shows you to be deficient, then a larger dose of pure Vit D3 will enable more calcium from your diet to be absorbed thus helping your bones.


Many thanks for your reply, Celtic. I have just found the results of my last dexascan. They were actually -1.4 and -1.0 for left and right femoral necks. But that was two years ago, so will wait until I have had another scan.

I have just reduced to 10mg Pred. by the slow method, after 22 months of GCA.

Yes, I take two calcichew daily. I am on 150mcg Thyroxine also.

I'll ask about a VIT D blood test.

Unless my next bone scan show significent changes I think I'll resist the injections. It reduces the possibility of more side-effects. I had a brain scan the other day and face the probability of yet more medicines for possible parkinson's. Oh Dear!


Yes, much easier to delay your decision on the treatment pending the results of your next bone scan which hopefully they will agree to repeat for you in the near future. I do hope the brain scan turns out to be nothing to worry about.


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