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I posted on here recently that I had all over body itching.

I had a scan this morning of my liver/pancreas/and gall bladder, seems I have a large gall stone, so I assume this is what has been causing me to itch, [ apart from other symptoms] something to do with the bile ??

Last week My ESR was raised at 31 and CRP 16 I assumed it was a flare of PMR as I was also "achey" and so tired, so upped my steroid dose !!! Probably not a flare and maybe my gall bladder was inflammed ?

I was really worried, as I had to stop Azothioprine recently due to bad side effects and thought maybe it had affected my pancreas or liver but according to the radiologist they looked OK. I probably had this gall stone for ages, but maybe the Azo. made it worse, who knows ??

I have to make an appointment next week to see my GP as by then he will get the results.

So it's a fat free diet in the meantime till I see my GP. Thankfully I am not in much pain, just feel uncomfortable, with a bloated feeling, very tired, and awful yellow bowel movements, and of course this relentless itching. I had to take an anti histamine for some relief.

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Oh poor you - I do hope they sort that out soon. i wonder what they will do - two friends have recently had their gallbladders removed but both of them are young.

Yes, the itching happens if the gallstone blocks the bile duct and causes a back-up of bile, the bile salts get into the skin and make you itch.


test for polycemia vera. My dad lived with body itch for years before diagnosis


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