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Feeling ok again !

Woke up this morning feeling good again! The few days of tiredness, feeling faint and Ill have gone. Think this is how I am each time I am reducing. Had thought I would stick at 3 mg for a few weeks but maybe I'll stick at 2.5 mg and 3 mg on alternate days as I am now ok. Had a blood test today for PMR and thyroid function so will post results and Drs opinion on the way forward next week.

Thanks again for your support when I felt awful a few days ago . Your comments all helped me to stay positive and reminded me nasty symptoms are common when reducing.

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Hi Suzie,

So pleased you're on your way again - I guess most of us are the same. It's worrying when the nasties come back. I look back to how I was a year ago and feel so lucky - I never thought I'd feel this good.

Pats. x


Thanks pats, I appreciate your support and kind words


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