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I am wondering if GCA is affecting my sight.

My optician has said that, as my short sightedness is so slight, I could probably manage without glasses, however I am more comfortable wearing them for driving and watching TV. For the last two weeks my eyes have felt uncomfortable, somewhat like eye strain, if that makes sense. I do not have difficulty seeing although yesterday I felt that I was not reading road signs as quickly as usual. Wearing my glasses mostly curse the discomfort.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Is it just my eyesight changing or could it be associated with GCA? I am currently following the much advised slow reduction of prednisolone, currently 1mg for 4 days and then 2mg on the 5th and am not aware of any of the GCA symptoms that I had when the condition first arose returning.

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Steroids can cause prescription alterations and it can be a problem on the higher doses and sometimes in the longer term. You don't say when you had your eyesight tested last, but if it is more than 6 months I would suggest you see an optician as soon as possible.. GCA visual symptoms tend to be more blurriness of vision or momentary retinal flashes, but it is best to be on the safe side.


Hi,my eyes used to be very good until my Doc forgot I was on a very high dose of preds and woke up one morning thinking my bathroom was on fire the cloudiness was frightening went straight to options and he said looks like you have cataracts forming so I now have had one done and awaiting the other one to be done,I am absolutely fuming with the idiot Doc and refuse to see him ever again,from last year been on 30mg,s for months when I did not need it is very distressing to say the very least,it was the Rheumy that said you should not have been on this dose for so long and he started me reducing immediately one year on and am down to 6.5mg,s and are feeling very good at the moment,you must see your option as soon as possible,don't play with your eyesight take a lot of notice of this forum it is exceptional and all the people on it.kind regards to all,Anne


I know this is slightly 'off the wall', but the pollen count has been extremely high for the last two weeks and it certainly affects my eyes which are puffy and I frequently want to screw them up to clear a slight blurriness. Well done with your slow reduction.


I have polymyalgia and gca and I feel like I have pressure behind my eyes,it's hard to describe, also in the morning I find it hard to open my eyes, my left eye is worse than my right eye, I think my eyes are dry and I put gell in them. I had an appointment to see eye doctor at the hospital but it has been deferred to a later date.


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