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I have had PMR for 3 years for the last few months I have been feeling fine I am on 5 mg pred which my rheumy said was fine and to stay ther

until the Spring. However I developed a cold of sorts, stuffed up sinuses, dizzy head and above all overwhelming fatigue,which I haven't had as bad since I first developed PMR. I don't know what to do, do I sit it out and rest hoping it will go away or do I need to up the preds, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Wendy

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If it is a real good-going real sinus infection you may need antibiotics - just upping the preds won't make it go away. Colds are viral yes - but bunged up sinuses can provide a nice incubator for a bacterial infection. And once you have it, it can be hard to shift when on pred.

I think a trip to the GP is called for - especially since you appear to have a pretty good one! In the meantime inhale steam if you haven't got anything stronger - let's be old-fashioned here: Vick in hot water, Friar's Balsam, Carvol - that sort of stuff.


did go to GP, he said there was no infection therefore no antibiotics. He gave me some nasal spray which gave me a lousy headache and made me feel sick so they went in the bin. However the blocked sinuses has retreated but now the cold or whatever has gone in to my stomach I have stomach cramps periodic diarrhea and feel dreadfully tired, I also feel a flare coming on, my shoulders are sore and aching as is my back and stomach so I have taken an extra 2mg today, I am on 5 mg but don't know if it is enough I still feel dead beat.Wendy


I am currently recovering from exactly that! I thought I had caught my husband's cold, but it went straight to my sinuses and it was very painful - I wanted to pull my face off. The other problem was the brain fog, I didn't know whether it was Tuesday or Christmas................and all I wanted to do was sleep.

I was given antibios, but GP was doubtful whether they would help or not and I can't really say. It lasted for all of three weeks and I took them in the middle. It really didn't feel that they helped but I it did gradually go of it's own accord and thank heavens for that. I really feel fine now and it is roughly a month today that it all started.



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