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been down to 10 mg pred since june8,rheumy wants me stay for another 3 mos

down to 10 from 40 last oct, reduced on june 8, since then overwhelmed with son,s diagnosis multiple myeloma june 20, other son how a lot of mental illness causing financial stress on family, which i have been helping with, after telling rheumy this on last appt this past week, wants me to stay at 10 another 3 mos, been hurting for last 6 weeks or more, doesn,t want to increase dose, dont know if the pain i am having is from all the extra stress, but she believes it is, suggests tyllenol, which doesn,t help, so at a standstill for now, i did buy a new mattress around same time, early june, and wondering if that too is contributing to pain in shoulders etc, hs anyone found the type of mattress they sleep on causing extra pain, discomfort

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Hi Arvine. Sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. In respect of new mattress I bought one pre diagnosis of PMR, spent a fortune unnecessarily as it was PMR not mattress that was the problem.

Having said this my new mattress is lovely! One that contours with the body. It is called OTTY. We purchased on the Internet. My sons new mattress is also very comfortable a Simba mattress. Again this contours with the body, though this one is too soft for me and the OTTY was cheaper. Previously we had a harder orthropaedic mattress which is supposed to be better for back pain etc. But have to say the OTTY is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had.

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Oh Arvine what a heavy load of stress you are bearing! My heart goes out to you.

On the mattress question, whenever we go away and stay in a strange bed I experience pains, but so does my husband and he doesn't have PMR, probably arthritis.

You might have to insist on more Pred. We know it is the only thing PMR is afraid of.


Big hug to you🌹❣️. Be kind to yourself today, you need a little break.

Kind regards, Jerri


thank you Jerri


I had similar problems with a newish mattress when I developed PMR. On a friends recommendation I bought a topper which lies on top of the mattress from JL and it is wonderful. The only drawback is you can't use an electric blanket with it. However I have found the topper is really warm and cosy and I don't miss or need the added heat. Maybe it's because one is inclined to feel the heat more with PMR or Pred.

I hope this suggestion may save you a bit on the cost of a new mattress. You can try them out at the store.

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So sorry to hear about your sons' illnesses. That is very hard to bear, and the stress is bound to be adding to your pain, so your rheumy is probably right there.

In your position I think I'd consider increasing the Pred a little. I certainly wouldn't reduce it for a bit, again as your rheumy suggests. I started on 40 last Nov, and at the moment am trying to get down to 10 from 10.5, but finding it very hard. Am hoping that DSNS will do the trick. Can see it's going to take a while.

My old mattress was not firm enough - lots of aches. Hard mattresses are at least as bad - just as many aches. My more recent one is firm, but with a cushioney top layer, and it makes a big difference. I agree with Marilyn1959 and Patricia157 - good suggestions.

Look after yourself as best you can. Hugs and good wishes.


thank you Bonny


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