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Found link to Christine Northrup and information on adrenal dysfunction

Hi Everyone, I found the link from Christine Northrup on adrenal dysfunction. Her advice is good and I find it helps.A major difference is that we are not dealing with stress related Adrenal dysfunction, it is medicine related, but the advice is good, it seems.

Another bad storm here and I missed the shot of methotextrate. feeling somewhat fatigued. not as bad as the last time. I am going to ask them to lower the amount. This adrenal dysfunction is no little thing. will also get the c reactive protein checked. arteries are ok. cartoid is the same with a pseudo aneuryism from the dissection healing. They say it is ok, but any signs of stroke and I have to go to the emergency room, which I will. The other two are ok, he said.

Have called and emailed some specialists in California and Michigan re: medrol and experts in NY. nothing yet.

Hope all are well and coping.

all my best, Whittlesey



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This was interesting to read but is clearly aimed at much younger women and, while I am aware that PMR is now being diagnosed at a younger age, most of it is irrelevant to those of us who are 20+ years older than the perimenopausal audience she is aiming to collect. Does she have any advice for those of us who are most definitely post-menopausal? A good 30+ years ago in my case. (Also, if what she is describing is adrenal fatigue then I would seem to have been short of adrenaline for most of my life. I never liked getting up in the mornings, but I don't drink coffee).

I've also been told several times that both liquorice root and Siberian ginseng are contra-indicated for patients on corticosteroids, so be careful what you take.


Glad that you read the information. I would say that in looking and researching on responses and how to handle adrenal dysfunction, which can be devastating and debilitating, and what many of us are suffering from, due to large and continuing doses of prednisone, it is relevant, perhaps one of the most relevant. I used a qualifier when I sent this post and suggested ignoring the "stress" aspect, which would include menopause, and perimenopause. Her advice is very helpful and may help some of us get through the very difficult situation of adrenal dysfunction, hopefully without having it be permanent. In my discussions with physicians, this is one of the real dangers of taking all of this prednisone. They are researching other, less damaging medications for GCA and PMR, but the studies are not fully definitive, yet. I think her advice is very valuable and helpful and can help the difficult situation we are in. Sincerely, Whittlesey


Licorice root and siberian ginseng would only be suggested, if someone wanted to take them, after the medrol or prednisone was stopped and the person was left with adrenal fatigue and/or dysfunction. This happens quite a bit. They are both very mild adrenal stimulators. The ginseng can add to the effect of prednisone, making it seem stronger and the licorice root may stop some of the liver processing of the prednisone. There is no suggestion to take them together. When the prednisone is ended, which is the ultimate result sought, many people are left feeling exhausted and fatigued. There has to be some way to "come back" . Many of us do not want to have this condition put us in nursing homes. If taking ginseng avoids this, I will try it. Sincerely, Whittlesey


Hi Whittlesey,

Adrenal function! Well all can say on the subject is this - in the 3 years pre my onset of PMR, I had 4 operations with general anesthesia, my 2 children had 3 car accidents between them - all serious, my youngest brother died gradually over a 5 week period - I motored 70 miles to see him between my shifts and spent all of the time I had at the hospital with him arguing with his nurses for his pain relief and better care in general.

4 months prior to me getting PMR, I had to fight for my job. This included an exam for all staff - and I and all my fellow employees knew we were 'up against it with each other '. We all hated it. I was one of the, so called, lucky ones. I got my job back, but with extra work time and less staff. The pain and lethargy began, and got worse - I was on a full dose of ibuprofen to get through every shift.

3 months later, I woke up and couldn't move.

My father, who worked too hard for most of his life, had this illness and survived it, but he was never the same again. There was no advice for him and he just vegetated - too scared to do much physical work anymore in case this weird illness returned.

I count myself very lucky - I've grappled with this monster, but am winning, and have hope. Why? Because I had a 'Helpline' and now a brilliant 'web site' and soon we're going to have a book --- good on you Kate!



Hello Pats, I posted a link from Christine Northrup, a physician, who has excellent information on many of the medical problems women deal with as they move into the various stages of menopause and life. I think we are talking apples and oranges here. She has information on adrenal dysfunction. There is not much information on GCA and PMR, and adrenal dysfunction. Believe we should use what we can find.

My point -- her advice can be a help to those dealing with the adrenal dysfunction many of us are suffering from prednisone given due to GCA/PMR. You may be ok with adrenal problems and that is very good.

I am not.

What you have presented here is your reactions to stress situations and I believe, the adrenals, before taking prednisone. While these are valid, the point here, is that many of us are suffering adrenal dysfunction or close to it, due to the prednisone and what do we do? Christine Northrup has good information on adrenal dysfunction. Let's use it, no matter the source of the adrenal dysfunction.

Believe we all had stress in our lives, extreme stress even, before the onset of GCA PMR. One major problem now, is the adrenal not working, due to prednisone. Some of us are looking into alternatives to prednisone to avoid the onset of Addison's disease. I don't want Addison's disease and some get with GCA/PMR, taking prednisone get it. There are valid studies on this. Doctors recognize the problems of prednisone and resulting adrenal dysfunction. Need to use their information and studies to survive this. thanks. best, Whittlesey


I feel as if I had won, Pats. Certainly there are things I can't do, but I am 15 years older now and most of the things I can't do I either wouldn't want to now or they are unnecessary.

I have been extraordinarily lucky. I struggled at the beginning as there was very little information available and a good deal of it was unreliable. However, I 'met' five other women on a forum and the rest, as they say, is history.

Things are definitely on the turn!


Hello Pats, sorry it took me some time to reply. I am presenting to Albany, New York in 8 days on nursing home abuse in New York City, with CIDNY, Center for Independence of the Disabled, NY. I am an advocate for this. I have been working on my presentation, training for a long term paralegal temp, which I hope works out and dealing with the fatigue and problems of both prednisone and GCA. My c reactive protein was last at 15, not good. Hope you are ok. Very sorry to hear about your father. I also, watched my mother "change" with this at age 70. As executrix of her will, I found her notebooks with every four hours noted -- how she was reacting to 4mgs of prednisone, what the weather was and how her taking the prednisone was affected. very upsetting, to me, that she was spending time doing this. She was a good person and had worked for 30 years of her life, as a financial principal in firms and was our sole support, my parents -- had divorced, when we were young. That is very difficult. sorry for your loss. best, Whittlesey


Polkadotcom and Whittlesey - Hi!

So sorry fo the long delay, but family life just took over. T hankyou both for your replies. Yes, illness, drugs, work, stress and all the rest - I put the tele news on most days and turn it off soon after - looks like Hell!

Before we had all this information, years ago, folks just had each other and often didn't know much about the rest of the world so concentrated on supporting family and their neighbours.

What I mean is, how much can we take. To be honest, I find it so depressing and that makes it harder to concentrate on the jobs in hand - getting better and supporting my kids.

I'll get to the point - I think my adrenals are firing up, but doing the drops very carefully. On 6mg today, but 6.5mg tomorrow.

Hankering after a job because I'm so bored. Have applied for a volunteer post to help the elderly in my area - got the post today, no prob. A year ago I was as fragile as a small child so things have definately improved.

Onwards and upwards as they say - 'come on' adrenals!!!!



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