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Hi all i have been to my gp today and they have cut me down from 8 to 7 prednisolone i started eight 13 days ago so i just hope i.m going to be ok coming down i must admit i do feel a lot better she did say it not quite right yet but it should be ok .I do suffer depression and i did see a gp and told him i was having problems with my sight and he said it was stress so i know i have had it for some time but i find when you suffer depression they just put it down to stress. I had a lot of stress last year lost four members of my family and one was my ex husband who i looked after i even slept on the floor in the hospital because he was so ill .and while all this was going on i was also in court fighting to see my grandsons . I could now do with a holiday but i just can,t afford to do it at the moment as i.m severly disable i was glad to last year go and start a new year off but my new year started with me having infection after infection then being dianosed with giant cell artries so now i.m hoping to have a better year .i miss my ex husband very much anyone with any advice would be welcome please thanks to all

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Dear Averis. So sorry you have had such a hard time. I hope you are getting some kind of support for your depression and stress. It's not surprising you feel low after what you've been through but it's never easy to go through it on your own. I know waiting lists for counselling with the NHS are long but do talk to your G.P. again as it is not good for inflammation to feel stressed and depressed. Maybe bereavement counselling would help?

I wish you all the best


hi badgergirl

thanks very much for your reply been on antidepressants for a very long time now and when i was diagnosed with giant cell artries the steroids seem to lift my depression too .i do hope you are ok too wish you all the very best too.


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