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Had flu jab this morning

Although I was never offered one I thought I had better have a flu jab as the cold I succumbed to just before Christmas was so bad I didn't want to risk having flu with an immune system compromised by pred. So, I asked my G.P. for one he said it would be a good idea. However, I am now suffering from a PMR flare this evening. My shoulders and upper back ache so bad.

I have looked at other posts on the subject and it seems there have been mixed reactions. Some people have been fine whereas others have also had a flare. I suppose as the killed vaccine stimulates the immune system it can happen that a flare of inflammation can occur. I was really hoping it wouldn't happen to me! I am reluctant to increase my pred dose so will see if the pain settles in a couple of days.

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Yes, there is some thought that in some people the flu jab can upset the PMR - but equally a lot of non-PMR people feel a bit wobbly post vaccination and you could well have been one.

I know a few people who did react - but the majority haven't so I think you could feel a bit aggrieved! I've only had 2, last year and this, and felt nothing, not even a sore injection site - and given the state I was in last year I could have expected it to do something!

Hope you feel better tomorrow - hot toddy and bed with the electric blanket or hot water bottle sounds called for!


Hello Badgergirl - I haven't had the flu jab so can't speak from experience but I know my rheumatologist is of the opinion that it can cause a flare in symptoms in some patients - I'm so sorry it had to be you! However, I hope it's short-lived and that following a good night's sleep and your daily dose of steroids in the morning, you will soon start to feel better.


Thanks PMRpro and Celtic for your kind words. Although I hate having this disease I am pleased to have met so many lovely people on this forum.

Feeling a bit better today.


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