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Is this a flare up of PMR or GCA

I was diagnosed with temporal arteritis in Feb 2011after a biopsy, PMR a few days later, put on 60mg prednisolone to start with and managed to gradually reduce down to 7mg last sept but dispite many attempts couldnt get down any lower. I have started getting headaches, cramps or spasm like pains in my neck and up the left hand side of my head also front of neck and swelling in front of neck, spasmsand pain in hands and wrists and pains in lower stomack. I made an appointment for my GP but not until 24th June. this evening I took an additional 5mg prednisolone, I am going to try and get an emergengy appointment with my GP tomorrow. Do you know is this could be a flare up of PMR of GCA.

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It could be a flare, but think you would be wise to try and get an emergency appointment asap.

Even if it isn't PMR/GCA, you have every right to be worried with those symptoms and to seek medical aid quickly.

Got my fingers crossed for you, see how it goes and do let us know what the outcome is.


Thankyou polkadotcom I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.


Hello Dorene

If you're unable to get an emergency appointment with your GP this morning then it would be wise to go to A&E with the symptoms you describe. Flares in the disease can be quite common in the first 18 months or so of treatment and you may need a higher dose to get the inflammation under control again. Hopefully it isn't a flare in GCA (there are other things like neuralgia that can cause the painful spasms in the area that you describe and I suffered a lot from those during my treatent for GCA and PMR) but you do need to get it checked out as an emergency. All the best and, as polkadot has said, do come back and let us know how you get on.


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