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Swollen feet


Hi , I'm 37yrs old egfr 88. Recently my feet have started swelling, throbbing and aching. Is this something that generally happens this early on in pkd?

Also my son is 7yrs old , he's not been tested but I'm really worried I've passed this onto him. I have noticed thst his urine is dark and has quite a strong smell to it. Is this a sign of it too . Thank you

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Hi, I'm about 37 and last year my gfr was 86 and this year it was 91. I have literally no symptoms, and no swollen feet. I know swollen ankles can sometimes be an indication of high blood pressure. Is your BP under control? Re: your son, remember you've had this all your life. I would say ensure be it's getting enough hydration if the right kind (drinking alot of water)

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