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PKD Charity for Autosomal Dominant PKD
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Facebook PKD group

Good evening.. as I am newly diagnosed , I read many of you mentioning the pkd charity Facebook group. I then requested to enter the Facebook group and my request was declined twice. Now I am even blocked and been told that I don't seem like a British resident (maybe because my profile photo is from Spain) ! I am speechless that I can not receive support in the country I live , not even in a Facebook group.. :(((

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Hello, I am sorry that we declined your initial request to join the FB group. It's sometimes hard to see where someone is living especially when viewing a profile on a phone.

You are now a member.



Hi Tess,

Thank you for your response . Not only I am not a member of the group , but you have also blocked me from the group so I can not even view it. I really believe that the purpose of the group is to support people and not to block them because they don't look English enough . Luckily I am now part of an international pkd group that can help me with my pkd related questions , therefore I am fine . I wish you a great day and best of luck with your health .



Mistakes do get made. We get a lot of spammers. I have now unblocked you and you can make a new request.


Thank you, I will !

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