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Advice needed.

Hi all My daughter as just been for a scan to see whether she as PKD or not and the results have come back clear. Her Dad and aunties have PKD, both aunties have had a kidney transplants and her dad is now in renal failure and requires dyalasis. My daughter suffered really bad with kidney infections when she was younger and seems to showing all the signs of having PKD. Although I was relieved her scan was negative would you suggest that she as the test repeated every couple of years to be 100% sure. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Hello debbie12345,

how old is your daughter?


If she is over 30 then negative means negative.

If under 30 then she should have it repeated after she reaches 30.

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Hi Debbie

Think if the scans are clear you can expect that she hasn't got PKD. The scans would show up cysts but it would be just as well to keep a regular check on her blood pressure as they go hand in hand usually. It's all about awareness. How old is she?😊


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