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Journey is not easy!

Hi I m Munmun from India. I m 30 year old. I got diagnosed with Pkd last year. My kidney function is absolutely ok. But how long? After knowing that I have Pkd my life is not the same. First question came into my mind..why me god! I went into depression. Later somehow u except it. Now whatever happens in my body I connect it with Pkd. How to make urself strong mentally about this disease? Help!

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Hi Munmun,

So sorry you have been diagnosed with this disease, it is not a nice condition, but it becomes manageable, with a positive mindset. At 30, with an okay function, you could keep going for a long time. You will find it a bit easier to learn about the condition, you will run into a number of doctors that know nothing, so it will make thing easier to know when they do.

Join the PKD groups on Facebook, there are a number of American ones and UK ones around, i would bet there are a couple in India too. They are places for people to vent and tell their horror stories, but you will get a lot of help and advice from them.

Most of all, look after yourself, keep an eye on your blood pressure, keep hydrated and rest when you get tired. Keep positive and enjoy life, this condition mustn't define you! Good luck!


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Hi..i am also from india..kerala..iam 29..diagnosed 2 yrs before...for me right kidney have biggest cyst (7cm)and many small ones ..currently i am taking ayurvedic medicine..i dont know whether it will cure or not...but i think it will prevent from going to failure..if there is any improvement from taking this medicine i will let you know..


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