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3rd different Cancer

I am currently fighting 2 terminal cancers, I had colorectal cancer and now I have cancer in my liver and also my stomach. I try to remain positive and keep my mind active with arts and music. I already had very debiitating illness before my cancers and now I am fighting both cancer and a list of other illnesses that brought about my early retirement from work five years ago. A lot of friends and family give me support and it helps to know that other people are thinking of you as you battle I think the most vile of illnesses that can take the life of anyone no matter what age or any other type of person you are.

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I'm sorry that you have these health issues. Yes people are thinking of you,,,...stay positive.

I sing in a choir - one song I like is 'Sing for your life' Sending you love and peaceful thoughts.





Thank you for the kind words, singing and music has always been a big part of my life so keep on singing Jean and enjoy each day.


I will certainly do my best .....carry on enjoying what you enjoy!...please keep in touch




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