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Hey there. I'm new. Playing the waiting game. Background is this. Have had IBS all my life. About a year ago my symptoms got worse and this summer my bowel habits had changed...thin wormy poo/or slushie poo(sorry!) I even got a "squattie potty" to help me evacuate my bowels properly. In May/June I noticed my lower belly felt "pouchy". I assumed it was flab! In the past I had a c section/tummy tuck and a full hysterectomy.

I kept putting off seeing a doctor . Anyway I finally went around 3 weeks ago and the doc thought it might be a hernia...until she examined me. She decided on an urgent ultra sound..which showed nothing. So then did urgent referral to the local oncology unit. The consultant said there was definitely a mass that could be felt in my abdomen. I'm assuming that if nothing showed on the ultrasound in my abdomen, that they may be thinking its something in the bowel that's pushing up? Anyway I had a pelvic and abdominal CT scan today and go back in 2 weeks for the results.

If its something serious would they contact me sooner...or is 2 weeks normal? Thanks in advance. Rose

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  • Hey I have regular check ups now 6 yr on, they have to let radiologist view scan then it goes back to the consultant. Then there is a group meeting with other members of their team usually another consultant clinical nurse etc they all have to agree on result. So 2weeks is good and they dont mess about in my experience. As the waiting game for results of what you could be thinking is not nice . Dont be afraid to call them up and find out how results are coming along they under stand the anxiety you may have .hope this helps :-)

  • Thank You :) It all feels a bit unreal at the mo. Went from panic...to "but I feel fine apart from symptoms"...to "I'm sure I'm fine"...to "but ive been referred to oncology"...to "I just want to know" :/

  • I had these mixed feelings to and the wait for results feels like a lifetime. Nothing feels real and my head felt really foggy , like you say the waiting game is how I refer to it to . So I did what I felt like doing and talked when I felt like it to. I think thoughts and feelings you experience are easier understood by someone who played the waiting game themselves. Others can only imagine how you feel and they probably find it as hard as us to :-)

  • Hey there. Ok I scared. This morning...after going to the loo ,I felt pressure, as I have of late..in the vagina as well as the bowel. I had a look with a mirror and could see a lump/mass in my vagina that pretty much filled the field of view. My GP is going to ring me later. My follow up from CT scan is on the 31st. I'm now worried that I may have an advanced cancer that has spread. I know u cant answer that here; but thoughts appreciated.

  • Hi there, (i am also new) i am terrified and convinced i hav anal cancer. my bm changed overnight back in Jan only getting very thin stool, or slushy. This was on and off and my bottom became a bit sore which i put down to piles/fissure which i hav suffered with a few times. Doc gave me cream which did help. Months passed by and recently i have started to feel this heavy pressure in anus and difficulty and severe pain wen going to the toilet even tho its always slushy and do hardley anything. The pressure in anus is now agonising, burning, stabbing, throbbing pain which can last for hours. Feels like i hav broken glass around inside of anus. I have now made another appt with doc, wish i would hav done it a lot sooner. I have also found a large lump just inside my vagina as the excruciating pain is now extending into my vagina also. I hav to lie down, use hot water bottle and pain killers for some relief wen this pain kicks in, which is most of day and at night. I am also worried i may now have advanced cancer, due to it maybe spreading into vagina. I am so sick with worry, i can hardley eat and am losing weight. I am so scared, dreading tests and outcome, but need this pain to stop. 😢😢

  • Thanks for sharing. You must be so worried! I saw GP this avo ,who confirmed that my swelling in my vagina is a prolapse. But as I had a full hysterectomy,, its not from that. It may well be from the pressure in my bowel (which is causing abdominal mass and for which I had CT scan). At least its not a tumour there. Will find out results of CT on 31st .

    What has your doc said about your symptoms?Surely she/he is sending u for more tests?

  • Glad your lump is not a tumour, you must be relieved. Hope ure scan results are good on the 31st. Have appt with my doctor next week. I know i will be reffered and wont be good outcome with these symptoms. shouldnt hav kept putting off second visit to docs. I seem to hav all the symptoms of anal cancer. I hav googled many blogs (,which i know i shouldnt). Many patients with anal cancer have been misdiagnosed for a year or more as symptoms can be very similar to piles/fissures, constipation etc, but still had good outcomes/cures with treatment/surgery, which is hopefull. As you said....., i feel fine too except for the symptoms and the worry😔

  • I hear you. I wish I had gone to gp back before the summer, when I noticed changes in bowel habits etc and swelling in my lower abdomen.But I have IBS and 3 kids on the autism spectrum..one of whom is going thru puberty...oh joy!

    So I'm used to seeing stress/dodgy bowels /tiredness etc as NORMAL!

    I'm thankful the vag bulge isn't anything sinister...but am concerned re the CT results. GP suggestion that whatever is causing the ab bulge ,has also caused the prolapse...ie pressure from something in the bowel. Its one things to read about cancer...another to be faced with the possibility that u have it. Thinking of u .xxx

  • Oh u do have a very stresfull time of it... Will keep my fingers crossed for ure results nxt week. Let me know how u get on x

  • Hey there. Ok..i don't know as yet if I have cancer or what it is...but today I had a weird moment. I usually love Tangfastic sweets. Today I had one and it tasted so sour it was almost acidic and felt like it was burning my tongue. My son tried one and said it tasted fine. Could this be related to what I'm going thru?

  • I had a ct scan and they told me the next day it was cancer. Not sure why need 2 weeks, it should be obvious from the scan if it is cancer.

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