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Hi I've just joined

Hi I've just joined

Hi I was diagnosed with primary and secondary breast cancer 8 months ago. I'm adjusting to living with cancer and would like to learn ways of coping with the prospect of being on treatments of some sort for the rest of my life...or until a cure is found! I've recently attended the Taste of Bristol approach day and was amazed by the's a wonderful facility. I hope to do the Living Well course sometime soon.

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Hello ASB123. Hope you get to do the course soon because it will help you deal with this. It is not easy but remember that all the emotions - determination, despair, fear, confidence etc - are actually a normal part of this. Also remember that there is no one way of dealing with this.

For myself I have found that taking an integrated approach has been vital. I have Metastatic Breast Cancer (don't like the term secondary as it makes it sound as though it is not as important) and have lived with this since January 2008 - 64 months when I was told that I had possibly only 6 months. Do your own research, don't believe in survival stats (lies, damned lies and statistics, IMHO) and do what feels right for you. No one-size-fits-all because just as our cancer is very individual to us, so we are individual to the cancer.

The PBCC webpage used to have a colour imagery and guided meditation on the website, but they have changed it and I don't think it is there any more. Worth having a look though. You might like to look at The Haven website as they do have some things that you can view/download You can also find some really cheap MP3 downloads on Amazon, and probably other download sites as well. Some are only about 80p, but if you are going for a guided meditation listen to the sample first and see if you can get on with the voice. I have listened to some and as soon as they started speaking I knew I could not stand the voice.

Remember to look after yourself first. Not a natural concept for many women, but if you don't look after yourself, how can you give to others when you are worn down by all of this? There is no indication of your age, if you are married, have children ... but do try to find space for 'ME' time.

One important realisation for me was that I could get better, and I could still have a life worth living. I know I am not cured, but I work part-time and when the depression doesn't get the better of me I can still imagine a 'future'. It is a future in soft-focus and has no detail and is only about 6 months ahead at most but it is still there. Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

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Hi ABS123, just wanted to wish you all the best as you set out on your journey.

You are definitely doing the right thing by attending the amazing Penny Brohn Cancer Centre. They will equip you with the tools to help yourself - you will no longer be a 'victim', it's a great feeling.

It's been life changing for me! I have learnt so much - not just about cancer. It has also helped me avoid or should I say deal with stress and to live in the moment.

Everything about the centre is conducive to returning you to good health in body, mind and soul. From the minute you walk through the door and are welcomed by the lovely reception staff, it's a place to truly relax, learn new coping strategies and make friends.

At first I felt a 'fraud' staying on the residential courses - I live in Bristol. However,+ I am so glad we did, the benefits were immense! My husband has been supporting me through 25 years of cancer - we never really discussed his feelings until attending PB. Both Wellbeing and The Bristol Approach have so much to offer. There was a whole lot of laughter and of course some tears (mostly due to the release in being able to share your feelings with those that understand). The 8 week Mindful Meditation course was excellent, I can now sleep without medication, after 9 years of insomnia - magic!

Book yourself onto as many things as you can through Cancer point - you won't be disappointed! The healing is wonderful as is the self help relaxation. The book 'Nourish' is great, well worth buying if you can. My oncologist and GP are amazed at how well I am coming through this, with my previous cancer episodes - I haven't had Penny Brohn CC to help me cope. I can't praise and thank Penny Brohn CC enough.


Best wishes


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Thank you both...I really hope I can get some time off work and child care sorted so I can go back there soon. Stickivicki I will have a look at the haven link was you that first told m about Penny Brohn on the Macmillan site so thanks for that!


I find that I can never log into the Macmillan site, no matter how many times I change my password! Pretty much given up on it now, which is a shame!

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, that is why today is called the PRESENT.


Hello ASB123 thanks for joining, I do actually have a spare Imagery using Colour CD, if you would like me to send it to you please give the Helpline at Penny Brohn a call on 0845 123 23 10. Thanks also for the lovely comments Helpline


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