Aerobika device

I just purchased an Aerobika device today. I decided to treat myself for my birthday and I was as happy as a person purchasing a kitchen appliance like a kitchen aide. I hope this device helps dislodge mucus more effectively as I have bronchiectasis. To be able to breath better with less shortness of breath and less chest pain is like taking a breath of air near a ocean breeze.

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  • Great - hope it works. Just make sure you wash it and let it air dry every time you use it. Sterilise it too once a week.

  • I agree to keep this device clean and I will follow the direction which came with the device "Thank". So far this device has helped dislodge more mucus in the early morning which is when I have more chest tightness.

  • It seems to

    Be the most effective devise my daughter has tried yet . Good luck

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